Random Question #3

Here’s another random question for you…

  • Why do I always leave things (in particular, stressful things) to the last minute when I know that I don’t perform well under pressure?

2 thoughts on “Random Question #3

  1. I used to think R.C. Sproul Jr’s “When You Rise Up” was a good book. Then I loaned my copy out to a friend. She did a web search on R.C. Sproul Jr’s name and what a shock that turned out to be! I didn’t know that R.C. Sproul Jr. had been defrocked, and he was defrocked over some really bad things too. I won’t recommend this book ever again to anyone else. Too much risk of causing confusion with my friends that I’m trying to talk in to homeschooling. There are better books by people who haven’t been in so much trouble.

  2. Hi there, Thanks for your comment although I think it’s maybe on the wrong post??
    I think the book still has some valid things to say. I have had someone else point out to me Sproul’s apparent ‘defrocking’. While I’m not trying to be contentious, the whole concept of ‘defrocking’ baffles me when there is no such thing as ‘frocking’ in the bible anyway. Thanks to the new covenant we are all priests and don’t need to wear special frocks! He’s simply a believer who has sinned. Far be it from me to judge him….I’m as frail as the rest of us. Unfortunately when leaders or high profile people sin, the consequences are often more hurtful and far reaching. I’m not condoning it by the way.
    Also, I think we must be very careful about ‘talking our friends into homeschooling’. It’s a decision that must be come to be each family based on their own convictions about their children…Just as we wouldn’t want the state meddling in our family affairs, we should be careful not to meddle in others. We should do our best with our own family and be a model for people to look at and think “That family seems to have something I want. They seem to be doing something right.”
    Anyway…thanks for your post. I do appreciate your point…

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