Sugar Sugar

On Friday night I went to N’s house for a pamper night with the girls. They weren’t actually my the girls as the only other person I knew there was N, but they all knew each other and had done the pamper night before …annually I gathered.

Anyway, aside from feeling slightly socially awkward being the outsider (!) I had a nice time doing luxurious stuff. First came a foot spa, followed by a facial. Mmmmm….that felt nice. To finish off the evening was a back and shoulder massage. Oh. My. Goodness. If I was stupidly rich, I’d pay to have a massage every single day. My shoulders are always sore and tense. More so if I am tired. Especially when I have a young child to carry around, which is pretty much always in the last 5 years.

But thing I want to remember to do for myself is a brown sugar (not the soft one, the granulated one) and apricot oil scrub. It is such a lovely simple home made treat for hands and feet, and probably wouldn’t hurt all over. It really leaves the skin feeling very soft and smooth, and smells lovely. I’m sure you could all all manner of delicious smelly oils to it.

Try it!

Note to self: Don’t forget to do this for yourself from time to time.


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