Beginning Maths

While I’m not too concerned about rushing into a Maths curriculum (because there are so many opportunities in everyday life to teach early maths concepts) E4 has really enjoyed this book we got from the library. She found it actually.

Each page progressively introduces a new concept. It starts with what numbers represent, then simple addition, subtraction, fractions, tens and units, odd and even numbers and patterns. We’ve stopped there but it introduces missing numbers in an equation (x) and other stuff that we didn’t go on to read because it was too tricky.

Anyway, it was so fun today reading it with E4 and helping her learn. She understands odd and even numbers, and thought she was quite clever to count in tens to 100 with the help of a 100 chart. She can do basic addition and subtraction (under 10) using her fingers. And can understand halves and quarters in basic terms. I was amused that she very confidently showed me how to share twelve lollies evenly between two mice in the book. She said “three for him, three for her, three for him, three for her etc.” until all were counted.


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