Things I wish I’d asked my Nanna #4

Another thing I didn’t think of until now, that I wish I’d asked my Nanna when she was still alive.

  • What was my mother like as a child? Young woman?

Today I was mashing banana in the kitchen for R6m and was thinking about our little girl. (This story has nothing whatsoever to do with banana…it’s just in those mundane and rare quiet moments that I get some thinking done) In so many ways she reminds me of myself when I was her age and I started to wonder what my own mother was like as a child.

She died when I was 5 so my memories of her are hazy and childlike. I wish I knew what she was like as a little girl. Was she chatty, high spirited, spontaneous? Was she vivacious and lively and did she thrive on attention from people she loved? Did she hate to be alone, and have a huge capacity for love? I wonder.

I don’t suppose people generally go around asking their mothers “Were you a spontaneous child?” but children do glean a lot about their parents’ childhoods in the conversations of every day life. I often hear myself telling E4, “When I was a little girl just like you…” and it was these moments I didn’t get to have with my mother. So, that’s why I wish I’d asked my Nanna.


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