It’s not easy…being GREEN

I thought I was being a kind and fun mama when I offered B2 a colour bath this evening. (Well, kind fun and stupid I guess.) He had asked his Dad for a bubble bath but as he’s suffered from excema lately I thought a colour bath would be a fun alternative to soaps.

He chose yellow, so D put a few drops of yellow food colouring in the water and the fun began. I carried on with dressing the baby ready for bed etc in the next room and got caught up in conversation with D and after the laughter and noises finally registered on my they’re up to something radar it was too late. This is what I found.

It would be a fun pun to say I saw red but ironically the only colour they didn’t tip out was red. What you see here is and entire bottle of green food colouring as well as an entire bottle of blue and an entire bottle of yellow. I guess I could tell myself this was an exercise in home schooling…every art student must learn that blue and yellow makes green which added to green makes A LOT OF GREEN!!!

There are more photos of the bath water and two green tinged children but it wouldn’t be wise to post those on the internet. Lets just say the clean up was fun.

This was an old orange towel with flowers on it:

And believe me, this hand didn’t end up looking like this because I like gardening:

And in completely unrelated news (other than the fact that this mischief was also started by B2) here’s R6 months… not crying, not tired, but wiping water from his eyes. B2 saw fit to bring the spray bottle (supposed to be outside to water the vege seedlings) inside and spray water all over his little brother who sat there and didn’t even cry despite being quite wet. You’ll notice the guitar is quite wet. *rolling eyes*

I know you can’t tell in the photo that he’s wet, but it’s true. (Besides the real reason I posted it is that he’s just so flippin’ cute)

Ok…I just previewed the photo and it’s too small as it is, but if you click on it it links to a BIG one, so you can see the wet bits. And yep, it really is late at night and that’s why you’re being subjected to all this drivel. And because I haven’t posted in a while and I missed you and am feeling rather chatty. I really have to go though because it’s very late and D is sick so not only will I have the three kids to look after tomorow, I’ll also have to look after him and what ‘s more I’m looking after a friends little girl. She’s 2 too (toot toot!) but no where near as mischievous as my little toilet blocking mess making master 2!


2 thoughts on “It’s not easy…being GREEN

  1. Yup…I was a bit cross, but I’ve learned to take photos first, tell them off later. It not only captures a great memory, but gives me time to cool down. Ha! D and I were in fits of laughter later though. They are too funny. Doncha just love kids! :-)

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