Made in the Image of God.

I grew up thinking I was not creative. I didn’t have a particular talent…I couldn’t draw, paint, sing or play an instrument well. I wasn’t good at sports or dance or anything that seemed to matter to me as a child. I struggled to draw a tuna tin in my first year of art at school, and it was horrible to feel incompetent. My confidence was low, and so I put in little effort and didn’t continue art the following year when we had the choice.

I think back to my Year 8 art class, and consider the teaching methods. Why would I want to draw a tin of food!!!! It was a death blow to any inspiration in art. It was like: “Draw something, create something and then we’ll mark you on how well or badly you did it.” Crikey! No wonder I gave up!

I’m not a professional teacher, and yet intuitively I know that if you want children to be inspired in art…expose them to great art! All genres and from all era’s. Something different will appeal to each one, and maybe they’ll be motivated to try something. Then teach the skills required to create the piece. Then teach them about the paints and brushes, the techniques, the mediums. The theory…the techniques meant nothing to me, were completely boring and I wasn’t motivated to try because I didn’t understand the point. Now that I am inspired to be creative, I would be much more attentive to a lesson on perspective or some other art thing. I still may never have been particularly good at drawing or painting, but you know what….I think I would have enjoyed art classes.

All my life, I have always salivated (well not literally, but it really does come close to that!) when looking at art supplies… paints, brushes, pencils, and all kinds of paper. A blank canvas excites me at the possibilities to fill it with something beautiful. I never bought anything before because I always said “I can’t draw”, which in my mind really meant “I’m not artistic”.

Now that I am older, I have gradually realised that I do love to create. I have discovered that when inspired, I can create. A little inspiration from Sarah and I wrote a little piece below which while may not be brilliant, is an expression of me. I  like to sew and write, and take photographs and sing and create gifts. I’m less narrow in my definition of creativity. I no longer think of creativity only in terms of painting a masterpiece or sketching a portrait or playing an instrument.

Nevertheless, recently I spent a little bit of money on some paints and brushes and canvas paper, and I’m going to give it a go. I have no idea if anything will come of it. I still don’t think I can draw, but I’m not going to let that stop me create something beautiful with paint. Well…I’ll try at least. And this time it’s going to be fun!

I firmly believe that every person has creativity in them. We are made in the image of God…a creative God whose creation is diverse and beautiful and intricate and intelligent and amazing and perfect.


3 thoughts on “Made in the Image of God.

  1. i am *totally* with you on this one.
    i get people saying all the time: YOU’RE *so* creative, and then i think to myself: that’s bollocksy bollocks. because, well, i can’t *draw* to save my life, and i think (for some crazee reason) we equate *artistry* or *creativeness* with drawing/painting. but like YOU said, it’s not.

    and on the other hand i have been thinking over the last year or so that EVERYONE is creative and it’s just in different genres/areas.
    we’re born to communicate our souls.

    woah, that was rather intense. but i believe it.

    so i’m looking forward to seeing what you create for *the wall*….
    which reminds me, i have something i painted for my lounge wall last time i did an overhaul. about two years ago.
    it’s the story of our move to The Sunny Bay and it is a triptych of
    1. a five petalled flower (five kids)
    2. koru (new life)
    3. waves (move to the bay)
    and it’s only on little canvases which i am now getting all motivated to change. cos i don’t like the colours and i am thinking we actually need *five* canvases. maybe a sequence of textured dots… in cream/blue/brown….

    blah blah.
    *goes off in search of another espresso*
    love X

  2. That’s it….why not creative with money? creative and innovative business ideas, cooking, organisation…no one is excluded from doing something creatively. To have an original thought or idea.
    Love the sound of your triptych (learned that word whilst browsing the art section on tradme!) … I’m gonna give a canvas a go once I’ve done something nice with acrylics….the other one is watercolour.

  3. NIce post! I m an art student myself and recemtly I have been trying to get my friend to give art a go even if they think they are not creative enough, I think all you need is inspiration

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