All in a days work.

Growing up my Mum would say that any spare change we did not remove from our pockets on wash day would be hers. She said it was her tip for doing the washing. (And her clever way of getting us to check our own pockets to avoid potential tissue disasters). Sometimes she’d make a dollar or two, which is still pretty poor pay for the work I reckon.

Anyway, this morning the dryer was making a ghastly sound so I checked it and found two nuts. No, not macadamia nuts, nuts of the nuts and bolts variety. You know….metal ones. Dryer back on, and still sounded bad, so after further exploration I found this little collection:

Whether this tells me my family don’t think my service is good enough for a gold coin tip, or simply that I am a mother of a certain young boy I’m not sure. But it all comes out in the wash. (Ok, a terribly predictable turn of phrase, but how could I resist)

(The coin as luck would have it, is an out-of-circulation NZ 5c piece.)


4 thoughts on “All in a days work.

  1. lol i got rained on my raisins outta J11’s pocket quite frequently when he was little. raisins outta the dryer. lots of things still go thru the machine here, pocket knives and *gasp* tamagotchis…. i don’t check pockets…. X

  2. Kate you just reminded me of B’s little Buzz Lightyear phone that went through the wash and Still Works! Don’t suppose your tamagotchi survived?
    I always seem to have bread crusts and raisins in the bottom of my hand bag too. What’s with that?!

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