OK, so this is a pointless post really, but I just wanted to share with you what I have been staring at for the last half an hour. I got the link from Chocolachile.

It’s one of those left or right brain images thingy’s but this one is a moving image. Some of the comments below the test shed some more light on things if you don’t get it.

I can now make it change at will from one way to the other after some practise. Interestingly E4 came in and I asked her which way the lady was spinning…she showed me with her hands – clockwise. But then a few seconds later she looked puzzled and said “look Mum, she’s going the other way now”…

So, what do you see?


4 thoughts on “Dizzy?

  1. I don’t get it, how can you see her spinning the other way? I am clearly not at all in tune with my left brain because I just dont see how that would work LOL. (She’s clockwise for me)

  2. tee hee…it was like that for me at first too, but after a while when just looking at her with peripheral vision, she suddenly spun the other way. i know it sound crazy, but it works. I can not get her to change at will especially if I look at only her shadow of her feet. It does work, but don’t let it stress you out! It’s like those *stupid* 3D hidden art pictures that were popular about 10 years ago…I could never see the image. Used to make me sooo frustrated. *That’s why they’re stupid. he he

  3. This is brilliant!! I also found after a while I could will myself to make her change. Sooo cool!! I found if I read a few lines of the text on the same page as her I could make her change depending on whether I read the text from left to right or right to left. How can someone not believe in God when our brains are designed to do something like this!!

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