This is such a boring post.

I haven’t updated this blog for ages. Well, the last post wasn’t ages ago, but can’t really be considered a proper post because it wasn’t about me. And we all know that this blog is all about me. It’s about me because it’s for me. Why it’s posted on the internet for everyone to read I have no idea, but it is much more fun this way.

The reason I haven’t written a really good egocentric post in a while is because I have nothing to write about. That should probably concern me. Am I really that boring? Empty? Shallow? I think not. I’m sure there are plenty of things I could write about but I’m just not inspired. 

So this post is about what to do when you have a bloggers block. (I’d say writers block as it is more commonly known but I don’t consider myself to be a writer. I know I write, but I don’t write.)

The first thing to do is to actually open the New Post page instead of just staring at the stats page and watching your page view dwindle daily.

Next, (after placing your fingers on the keyboard) is to start writing. Just whatever conversation you are having with your self inside your head.  Keep writing even if it’s just drivel like this because you will more than likely delete it once your inspiration comes, and the post slowly morphs in to something vaguely interesting to read. If it ends up being drivel from beginning to end it doesn’t matter because this blog is for ME.

I think part of my problem is that I have been spending far too much time on the internet  poking people on Facebook and other equally ridiculous time wasting activities.  (You know  I even found a website dedicated to the correct spelling of ridiculous.) This is without a doubt stifling my creativity. And severely limiting blogging time. And do you know what else? No? Well I’ll tell you. Since I started using bloglines, I have largely stopped commenting on other peoples blogs. Thats because I read the blog in the feed, and don’t bother to click to the site. I know it’s a shame…I know I’m lazy. I often think of something to add in a comment but because I have to click to the site, then click the post and then comment, I don’t. OK so sorry to you all whose blogs I haven’t been commenting on. I’ve still been reading and loving what you all have to say.

Oh, and another reason I haven’t been blogging is because I have so many to do lists outstanding. I haven’t actually been doing the to do lists. Just being paralysed by the outstanding issues. You see I was raised to work first play later. Growing up we had to do our jobs before we were allowed to go out or play or whatever. It’s only recently that I’ve realised that I still have this notion  in my head. So if I’ve got work to do, I feel guilty if I’m doing something else. Never mind that there is always something to be done. My inner self tells me that ideally all the work should be done before I relax. Therein lies my problem. It’s impossible.

Take yesterday for example. In the morning I cleaned floors, vacuumed, tidied toys, cleaned shower, toilet etc. and did multiple loads of washing. My hope being that I would work in the morning and have the late afternoon evening to do something I wanted to do.  However, by evening the house looked worse that when I’d started. So instead of sitting down with a good book in my tidy lounge (which was so NOT tidy) I felt overwhelmed by the piles of washing to be folded. I was so fed up with it, I went outside to watch fireworks and did my best to ignore it. I neither worked nor relaxed. Just stalled.

I’m starting to understand that there will always be work outstanding and I just need to learn to get on with life despite it. I’ll never finish, so maybe I’ll take the play first, work later and then only do what you have to approach.

Gosh if you’re still here reading this I salute you. I’m boring myself here! Now might be the time to admit defeat and concede that this is drivel from beginning to end. Tomorrow we will see if the bloggers block is unblocked.

Over and out.

PS: Did my overuse of italics bother anyone?


2 thoughts on “This is such a boring post.

  1. 1. I too, ashamedly, use Bloglines to read my favorite blogs (yours included!)
    2. I too, ashamedly, fail to comment on my favorite blogs out of laziness (yours not included today, though!)
    3. I too, am ingrained with the WORK FIRST, PLAY LATER mantra (however, growing up it seemed like PLAY? NEVER! Ha.) And now, I stall regularly and don’t seem to get anything accomplished, whether work or play. I’m trying to get out of doing that, though.
    4. I am a believer that a liberal amount of italicizing never hurt anyone.
    5. I also believe that numbered lists in someone else’s commentary should not exceed five items. So I’m done here. But welcome back… ;) ~mm

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