And Fun was Had by All

In the interests of remembering a wonderful day, here are some photo’s of the Birthday Party! E is now 5 and B is now 3……so from here on in, it’s E5 and B3!

For me the stress of the upcoming event began early in the week, but peaked on Saturday at 4pm when I realised I was still dawdling around the shopping centre getting things for the cakes and food for the party itself.(Which was on Sunday afternoon) I arrived home to find the neighbourhood kids at our house, D and R7months on the deck (R with a dirty nappy) the house a mess, the lawn not mowed and I started to frazzle. Of course, it was all alright on the night (well, day) and although there were things I’d have liked to have done, it was still a cool party. The kids had lollies, chips and cheerios with tomato sauce, as well as balloons and cake and friends. What more do you need for a rockin’ party!

I was up to the wee hours creating these:

Which I have so say are my best cakes EVER~ I was so happy with them. (Go on, click on the Flickr link in the sidebar for the bigger images…you know you want to!) OK, so I’ve made the train cake before because B3 (then B2) wanted it last year as well…but still, the castle was a first. The flippin’ egg white frosting was a pain though….had to throw out one whole batch cause I burned the sugar syrup… Nevertheless, the kids were duly impressed and I enjoyed the accolades of my friends who took a bit of convincing that I didn’t buy them! Ok, brag over.

Here’s some of my favourite shots of the day:

And check these sweet smiles while they were being sung to in turn. (B3 complete with sauce on his cheeks.)



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