The case of the missing post

If you were here before and read a post that’s no longer here, it’s because it was supposed to be set as a Private post. I had originally set it to private and went back to edit it for spelling, and it apparently lost it’s private status. A mistake I’d rather not have made….talk about baring your soul Over The INTERNET! he he ….Oh, well never mind.

To the commenters; This is what I wrote in reply on that post which you now can’t see because it’s Private:

Eeeeek! Thanks so much guys….

Jen…not brave to share so much as distracted….it was supposed to be private, and I set it as private and then went back to edit spelling errors and must have forgotten to check. I might make it so now if I can because I’m not sure who’s reading this blog and don’t want to bring up stuff for other family members. 

Case closed.


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