For Mums on Monday

Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.
– – – – George Eliot


3 thoughts on “For Mums on Monday

  1. Aaah!! I love this one. Makes me want to go in and give my kids a cuddle as they sleep right now. I will NEVER forget that first gaze as they both looked up at me for the very first time. It’s so true!!

  2. I’m sure you know that George Eliot was the pen name of Mary Anne Evans. One of my very favorite books of all time is Silas Marner, which is a fantastic book about parenting and family relationships, and the softening effects that children often have on their parents, which causes us to re-think what is truly valuable…

  3. Your right Tamara, but those new born days are so very very short! I was looking at photos of R last night and he’s grown up too quickly for my liking!

    Karen….yes, I did know George Eliot was a woman, but didn’t know her name. I think that sounds like a book I would really enjoy and I’ve gone through a bit of that rethinking lately so it would be timely too.

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