Chocolate Slice

Check what we made! It looks good enough to eat but is in fact a scrummy home made Cocoa and Cinnamon and Honey cleansing bar. Well, soap, but cleansing bar sounds better.

The cinnamon gives it a slightly abrasive quality so it leaves the skin feeling smooth and scrubbed. I used it in the shower and it was lovely. I also have some for hands in the bathroom and it’s great for that too, although leaves quite visible chocolate coloured smudges on the white basin as I don’t use a soap tray. It’s a little soft, so next time I’ll make it a little harder if I can.

Bad me has lost the link to the recipe on someone’s blog so I can’t link to it until I find it again (if I can). The lady who had posted the recipe had made hers in muffin trays so they soaps looked like cupcakes. She also spread plain white soap over the top to make it look like icing. (I do have a copy if anyone wants it…)

The idea to make soap came about while trying to think of easy gifts I could make with the children could make for Christmas. This one was a nice idea, and is made from a commercial soap as a base which you grate and melt and then add ingredients just like you’re baking. So easy really and fun. I’m not sure I’m going to give this batch away as gifts because it’s a little soft but I think I’ll give it another try and see how it goes.

I nearly forgot. I love the whole idea of making soap! I think I’m going to give it a go making it from scratch like they did years ago. It’s will be cheaper, healthier and satisfying. Not to mention a useful skill. I’ll keep you posted.

edit: Found the link to the recipe.


5 thoughts on “Chocolate Slice

  1. ohmygosh some Virtual Chocolate!!
    i am drooling all over my keyboard, sucking in my puku and thinking…. ooo… i really wanna EAT SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yes you are very clever X

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