Whaddya Reckon?

This is what my kids did in their room this morning. It looks like I don’t have any control over my children doesn’t it? Well, maybe there’s some truth in that, but it really did sound like they were playing nicely. I’d checked on them only about 10 minutes prior and they were playing hiding in the cupboard with a few toys and blankets on their laps. Cute. I was pleased they were getting along well and engaged in imagination play. When R8 months woke from his nap it was time to go out and this was what I found:

It was carnage. Here’s another view:

And another:

And another:

And here’s the cupboard that usually contains clothes, shoes and blankets:

The kids are in there now attempting to tidy it up. I think in reality it is a job that is beyond them because they will have difficulty focusing for the length of time it will take to tidy it up. Shortly I will go and supervise them to pick up every single item and put it away. They have done this once (actually a few times) before (although this is by far the most thorough ransacking I have seen) and I’ve always helped to tidy it up and it’s ended up me doing most of the work and them watching me or playing with things they find in the process. This time, I’m resolved to have them learn a lesson of consequences. I think they find it easy and fun to make such a mess because they have no idea of the resulting workload which previously I have carried. I am interested to see 1) if I can carry it off and actually see through the tidying up without me doing it for them and 2) if they actually learn not to do it again.

Nonetheless, it’s a memory which one day I’m sure to laugh at. Sometimes when I feel frustrated at the antics of young children, like interrupted dinners, mush on the carpet or when I feel like my laundry has a revolving door from which I can’t escape, I try to remember that one day our house is going to be very very quiet. So despite the hard work, I’m trying to enjoy that is little ones.


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