Sweet Treats

Today we made Stained Glass Biscuits for the first time. We used this recipe.

The miniature cut outs were so cute that we baked some of them as they were.

They turned out well, but unfortunately the lollies stuck to the baking paper which I was so careful to use after reading Rachael’s post. The paper is stuck just over the lolly part, and you can’t even see it, but it probably won’t be so nice to chew on. Anyone managed to make these without sticky stickiness?


6 thoughts on “Sweet Treats

  1. all our lives look better in blog, lol.
    the rule: only blog the good stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have no probs at all with my bikkies, i use the *heards* lollies, i don’t even crush them, just sprinkle one or two or three (depending on size of hole) and let ’em melt.
    the trick is to LET THEM TOTALLY COOL ON THE BAKING TRAY before trying to remove…. i know, it’s hard w-a-i-t-i-n-g lol X

  2. Thanks Kate…but I used Mono paper… But, I didn’t wait….waiting is SO dull. lol. Actually, the recipe said to wait 5 minutes and then remove so that’s what I did….next time I’ll wait. (If I can ….)

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