At the hop

Last night was Tracey’s 40th. Whoo hoo! A 1950’s theme was so fun….I made my skirt, and bought the rest of our clothes from a recycled clothing shop, straightened my curls in to a long sleek pony complete with bow, D’s hair was slick and geeky and off we went!


Firstly we feel so blessed with the great friends we have, and last night really was a celebration of friendship. The memory by which I define Tracey is back before the arrival of my E5, I had a miscarriage. New(ish) to the counrty and far from my Mum and dearest girlfriends, I took the (gulp) plunge and called Tracey and let it all out on the phone. She dropped everything, arranged a babysitter for her son (then about 2 years old) and came over to my house where she let me cry it out and snot on her shoulder. She listened and understood and prayed and encouraged and hugged and was there for me. What a girl! And a party animal is she so of course there was music and fun.

Of course we danced all night, and were among the last to leave as usual. We were the only couple standing for the Last Dance (and nice slow cheek to cheek The Way you Looked Tonight) and it was a treat to spend the evening together. Our great pal Tammy (Thankyou!!) babysat and our kids were well behaved and slept soundly for her so YAY! A great night.


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