We went in a Carry-Van!

Another new family tradition I hope, we set off on New Years day in a borrowed-from-friends Carry Van (thanks B3…a term that will stick with me forever I think… seems so appropriate!). In the past 8 years all of D’s annual leave has been taken up with births (3), weddings (3) funerals (1) conferences (5) and overseas family visits (3). We had become very tired this year and desperately needed a break from the too busy, too stressful place we had got ourselves in.

So we set off for a shortish drive from Auckland to a beach near Miranda and just parked up on the edge of the beach and did nothing. This is what we saw to the left:


and to the right:

It was simple living…no electricity or facilities…we had a portaloo on board and a large drum or water, and an esky full of food and we were set. I loved the simplicity of having so few possessions. It left plenty of time for these kinds of activities:

On the second day E5 made friends with another little boy called and his little brother. They were 6 and 4, so got along well with our two. They walked together the full length of the beach and played in the sand, at the end of the day arranging to meet the following day. Sweet kids and we were so glad they found friends to play with.

R9months didn’t get outside very much because it was searing hot and somtimes windy, but he had such fun too and enjoyed standing on the benches or beds and looking out the windows at his siblings play.

And my favouritest part of all was swimming with E5 and B3. They had such fun, cuddled up and clung to me shivering when they got cold and despite being blue and goose bumpy and trembling with cold, simply refused to get out. A simply delicious moment in time that I never want to forget so I asked D to take this photo.

Aren’t the ordinary things in life simply the best! I loved searching for treasures in the millions of shells on the beach, making sand castles, watching the waves and daydreaming out to sea.

One morning R9months and I were up early and so as to not wake the others we snuck outside to eat breakfast on a blanket. The sea was like glass, the air still and fresh and it felt like someone had pressed pause and that time was standing still. We watched some fishermen check their net and apart from a few early walkers we were alone together. R9months ate sand and tasted the shells and then we walked together. His fat little hand on my shoulder as I carried him along.  Later D joined us and we all walked together until R fell asleep in his Daddy’s arms. Sigh… oh, for everyday to be like that one.




4 thoughts on “We went in a Carry-Van!

  1. Oh Erin…sooo glad you got to do this. How VERY special eh? You write so well…almost felt like I was there with you…until I heard the banging of Bill hammering outside our house. The renos continue, but for a moment I was on a beach with my family too.

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