The Good Stuff

One of my three readers (tee hee….love that)  commented once that she has a wee rule to only blog the good stuff and I adopted that idea. After all, no one really wants to hear me whinge and whine and complain. And besides I keep a personal handwritten journal that I save for soul searching and heart work and secret stuff, and those pages record a fair amount of grumbling.

So why no entries lately? Well, it’s not that there’s been nothing good to note. Life is good! Just nothing blog worthy I guess. But another regular bloggy read of mine has started a gratitude journal of 1000 gifts. She’s up to the 80’s now and going strong. I can count three without even thinking.

E5 is The Most Beautiful Girl in the World. She’s quite keen to start ‘school‘ and we’ll officially start (home schooling) on the 11th Feb.She is desperately looking forward to her ballet classes which start that same week.

B3 is The Bestest Boy in the World. He’s not too sure about this whole growing up thing. Some days he says “I’m so big ’cause I eating all my dinner” or “I’m bigger than Daddy now” but other days laments “I don’t want to be big because I’m still little”. I don’t blame him…I’m still not so sure about growing up either.

R10 months is The Cutest-Cuddliest Baby on the Face Of The Planet. He is very affectionate, loves to give kisses and still has that goofy smile. Whenever we say “Good Boy!” he grins and claps his hands looking very pleased with himself.

(Here’s some not very interesting pics of recent days. A beach day with just the four of us. No mean feat for me I might add, trying to supervise two in the water and one on land. I did chuckle at myself when leaving the house for the beach that day as I grabbed my book and stuffed it into the beach bag. I blinked, shook my head and promptly removed it again.)



(After so many attempts I settled for one that has both of us in the photo even if he had given up on looking at the camera. Self portrait….Pfffft!)


8 thoughts on “The Good Stuff

  1. Yes indeed, but you manage to make it funny and entertaining (yes….we do laugh at you *sorry, but it’s true*) and mine on the other hand ends up morose and depressing and dull.

  2. Please blog the bad stuff too. It may help to make me feel more normal. Afterall, what Mum out there doesn’t like to hear that there fellow mothering comrades also haven’t figured out the perfect pareting module. Hee, hee!! :)

  3. We are going to start home schooling this year too
    Im going to be home schooling my 12 year old
    hes way behind in school and needs one on one
    still waiting on the exemption
    oh i do wish it would get here

    Ive gotten to that point too
    Id love to read at the beach but realistically it doesnt happen :)

    I agree with Tamara, dont wear a mask my friend

  4. ohgosh now i am feeling slightly less-than-normal.
    but i am a *glass is half full* person i guess.
    and whinging on and on about empty glasses ain’t gonna make the family photo album a place we’re gonna wanna hang out, lol.
    love your beach day.
    love that there is some *sparkle* to be found in every day X

  5. Never thought you were fake Katie…You are full of life and I think it’s good to remember the good times! Your blog is a happy, heartfelt place of happy memories and treasured friends. Love it!

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