Feed the birds…

This morning I felt like taking the kids out to feed the ducks. I’d planned originally on one particular park, but when Ben asked me where we were going, I found myself saying “the Botanical gardens“. Do you ever do that? Anyway…I was glad for the change of plans because it was a lovely day for the gardens (actually a bit too hot!).

When we got there I realised we’d left Emma’s hat at home, and Ben had lost his, so we were down to two hats for four people. Ryan’s stroller has a sunshade although rather pathetic, so he went without. I went without because I am the Mother. Emma wore Ryan’s baby hat, (which used to be hers) and Ben wore my hat. It’s a wonder he saw anything really and which may have contributed to the scraped knees you’ll see further down in the pics. (Awwww….poor thing)

There were gazillions of ducks. And we were the only ones feeding them so we were their favourite people and they all flocked to us. This photo only shows about half of them.

This was popular:

How cool is this snail! You may not be able to see in the photo, but there are words cut out all around this sculpture. Don’t ask me what it says, I didn’t get a chance to read it. I was too busy spinning the kids round and round in it. Yes, it spins. Like I said, It’s cool.

This is a sculpture of a kereru (native wood pigeon) egg and is part of the Potter Childrens Garden.

And where was Ryan during all this you may ask? He was with us of course, but spent nearly the entire visit in his stroller. He started the day looking like this:

And ended up looking like this:

I reminded Emma today that we had been to the Botanical Gardens with Nan and Grandad back in March 2005. *Hello Nan and Grandad!* Remember this?


3 thoughts on “Feed the birds…

  1. hmm. I would definitely add some color. perhaps some bright fabric around the window to liven things up a bit? I am loving batiks right now. Our local fabric store sells cotton batik very inexpensively, and the patterns range from very ethnic to simply colorful. Easy to sew & clean, too.

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