Colour for the kitchen

Today, inspired by this post at Mt Hope Chronicles we planted some chives in this cute PINK bucket.

It will be fun for the kids to watch the seeds sprout, and will add some green to the kitchen, not to mention some flavour. Will keep you posted!

Oh, and while you’re over there check out her amazing house here and here.

It’s one of those houses I admire and then wish I never saw because I’m so overwhelmed by how much our house is NOT like that!


2 thoughts on “Colour for the kitchen

  1. I’m so glad you decided to plant some chives. Yum. And they will look so cheerful in that fun bucket! Looks like the kids had fun watering. :) (And your weather must be waaaaaaay nicer than ours!)

    Please, please don’t be overwhelmed by my house. I only take pictures of one tiny area when it is clean. I usually have legos, laundry, and lots of cheerios (among other things) covering every surface. And I hate to clean house. I would much rather do the fun stuff like plant wheat grass!

    Thanks for the compliments!

  2. Thanks for the visit… We looked for wheat grass seeds and couldn’t find them but I’ll have a look for the ones you used at the supermarket next time we go.
    We are having lovely weather.

    OK, maybe you hide the messy bits from us but you do have a beautifully decorated house.

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