888 Reading Challenge

Over the past month or two I have read more books that I have in the last year or two. I have rediscovered my love for reading, but having not read much for such a long time, didn’t know really where to start to find good books.

I have applied a random dash and grab approach when visiting the library with the kids lately; for two reasons. 1) Because by the time we’ve selected twenty or thirty books for E5, R10 months is more than ready to go home and B3 is more than likely wandering around the shelves looking for his lost jandals, or dashing out the doors (‘just tricking you Mum’) or making loud tiger noises, or needing the toilet etc etc. and 2) because when you don’t know which books are good or not, it makes little difference if you stand and browse or if you just grab randomly and judge the book by it’s cover.

I’ve had a pretty good success rate with this approach. The last few books I’ve read have been enjoyable and interesting, including some non-fiction about Pioneer NZ women which I LOVED! I’ve been so impressed by the calibre of women who pioneered here and learned some history in the process. It’s made NZ (my adopted home) a little closer to my heart and…wait…I’m getting off the point of this post.

So, despite a good track record with the random grab a book approach, I was floundering a bit with what to read next and wanted to have a plan for next time I went to the library. So I was glad to come across this 888 Reading challenge. I’ve never done anything like this before and have probably bitten off more than I can chew…it’s more than a book a week! But still it’s fun and making my list has helped me think about books I’ve wanted to read, and the kinds of books I like and will be helpful.

I still need to add a few more books to my lists, so if anyone has anything to recommend in the Easy Fiction/Light Reading category, Historical Fiction or home schooling/education feel free to let me know.

As I finish each book, I’ll write a review comment or two about what I thought here.


4 thoughts on “888 Reading Challenge

  1. What a novel idea!

    (Sorry !!! I couldn’t resist!!!)

    All punniness aside, kudos to you for such an undertaking. I don’t know if I’m that motivated, but it sure is admirable. Keep us posted on your progress!


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