The Handmaid and the Carpenter

The Handmaid and the Carpenter – Elizabeth Berg

A novel based on the Biblical account of Mary and Joseph.

Hmmm… I liked it, but not immensely. It was a simply written novel, but it didn’t seem terribly authentic in terms of historical accuracy. The author stated in her foreword that she had taken liberty with some biblical facts, and this was fine given it was a work of fiction, but there were a few things that struck me as odd. For example:

“The laws in Leviticus dictated that a woman was to be purified thirty-three days after her son’s circumcision…”.

Wouldn’t the people of the day have referred to the Torah, or the book of the law?

Anyway…I guess I’m picky. Short (150ish pages) easy to read, a tad shallow. I’ve read better books of the same style. E.g. Francine Rivers’ Unafraid which I would recommend before I would this one.


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