Ugly Before

Here’s the promised photo’s of the boring ol’ loo.

C’mon people! Inspire me! Anyone?


9 thoughts on “Ugly Before

  1. hmm. I would definitely add some color. perhaps some bright fabric around the window to liven things up a bit? I am loving batiks right now. Our local fabric store sells cotton batik very inexpensively, and the patterns range from very ethnic to simply colorful. Easy to sew & clean, too.

    okay, that last comment was supposed to go with your new loo post… not sure at all why WP put it here. I haven’t been drinking! Honest!!

  2. Yes, it definitely needs colour… I have a book on window dressing with some great ideas, so will have a squiz at that. (The grey blob you see there is a dirty white net curtain that D has rolled up and shoved over the rail because he likes lots of light in the house….. So I won’t be covering the window as such.

    (I C&P’d your comments here… hope that’s ok. I’ve had misplaced comments before…don’t know why?)

  3. well i was going to suggest that motherme MUST have in fact been drinking, because her comment IS on the right post, but I see you edity edited that, so lucky i didn’t.

    k i am going to think about your toilet and get back to you. lol.

  4. ok i just remembered that i have no concentration span whatsoever so intending to think on something and come back to it is likely to be highly unsuccesful. So let me just say before I wander off, for a cheap and easy solution (like, if you’re not planning on painting and changing the lino etc), how about putting up a little roman blind of patchwork cotton fabric that you LOVE, put it a bit higher than the top of the window and finishing (when not in use) just low enough to hide where the top of the window really is, so it makes it look like you have a nice big long window in there. Wouldn’t even need to be functional if you’re never allowed to cover the window ;)

    And then, get a co-ordinating fabric (which is the only reason I said patchwork cotton, because they have cool co-ordinates) and frame a bit of it in a black frame for the wall.

    No idea if those would work, I so don’t have an interior design bone in my body *blush*

  5. Yeah, well, imagine how crazy you’d feel if you were first off convinced that you were commenting on a particular post, only to find that your comments showed on some other post from a month ago, only to find that your comments were on the right post after all, but then to see in your dashboard that you had, indeed, commented on the wrong post after all. I’m so glad I read to the end of things, too. I definitely would have started drinking otherwise.

    I like the Roman shade idea. You could also do a curtain that just framed the window, or a valance.

  6. get the kids in there armed with a billion paintbrushes and some kid-paint.
    and go make yourself a cuppa coffee.
    and drink it. and another.
    what the heck, open yourself a bottle of bubbly….
    *three minutes later*
    now replace toilet seat (cos it’s covered in paint) and blast walls with hairdryer.
    there we go:
    EXTREME MAKEOVER complete.
    or not X

  7. Well. thanks guys for the ideas! I’m thinking some fabricy thing around the top +/- sides of the window, but not a curtain if you know what I mean. I also have some ideas for the lamp shade….this will all be handmade, but that’s part of the fun!
    Kate….my kids would probably go for that idea, but not sure if I could live with it!

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