Is this not paradise?

Just a few days but plenty of sun, sand, and sea. Resting, reading and… refreshed? I think so.

Learning to body surf, lost a gold earring. Big sandcastle somebody left behind…became the ‘cake factory’ in kids imaginations. Toasted marshmallows for little girl (used the gas ring), and she caught three fish with Dad and put two back. Big boy loved boating in the rubber dinghy, and jumping in the rock pool and Baby boy ate some sand. And mango.


5 thoughts on “Is this not paradise?

  1. arent we blessed to live in such a beautiful country
    looks like a lovely day
    My Trier use to eat HEAPS of sand when we use to go to the beach when he was a toddler

  2. Oh man!!! Just rub it in a little will ya? After looking out our window with melting dirty snow! Geesh! lol ;) It is gorgeous though. I am very jealous. I think once Im done with school..I should pack up Sunrise and move somewhere near a beach!

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