A Book Club

As if I wasn’t already doing enough reading, I have joined a book club. It is going to be so much fun. Once a month getting together with the girls, and swapping books. The best part though is that when we take our turn to host the event, we get to buy books! To keep!

This is how it works…each month each member brings $10. The hostess then takes that money to buy books which become hers, but are kept in the book club for everyone to enjoy. I will be hosting in April, and am already thinking about which books I’d like to buy.

We won’t be giving reviews in a formal way, and the time is mostly social, and browsing the selection of books. Fun!


3 thoughts on “A Book Club

  1. Well, we have two notebooks that stay with the books in the collection. One notebook has all our phone numbers, the roster of dates and who’s hosting and a record of the books we’ve borrowed. The other notebook is just a list of all the books in the club. The hostess for the month adds her purchases to for that month to that notebook.
    The book collection is taken by the person hosting the next meeting. For our first meeting, we just brought books of our own along to get us started. Does this make sense??

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