A Voice in the Wind

A Voice in the Wind – Francine Rivers

While I have not read a lot of ‘Christian’ fiction because some of it struck me as cringe worthy, I did enjoy this one. While containing a clear Christian message, which was a teeny bit too preachy, (not that I’m against the message! Just that it was a little bit patronising in the way it spelled things out rather than letting the story speak for itself) I really loved the history. My knowledge of history is appalling but something I love to learn about. (A legacy left from my ‘history is boring’ assumptions in high school….hence I never chose history as an elective. Now I know that learning is not boring and I have a strong interest in history.) This book is part of a trilogy (I think) so I’ll be seeking out the next one.

Story of a young Christian girl who survived the fall of Jerusalem, was taken into captivity and ended up a slave to an aristocratic Roman family. Story has war, family dramas, gladiators and a bit of a love story too.


2 thoughts on “A Voice in the Wind

  1. I am reading this book too! Well, I’ve actually read it before, and I am glad you enjoyed it. I definitely recommend picking up the other two in the series (“An Echo in the Darkness” and “As Sure as the Dawn”). You will especially love the beginning of the second book.

  2. I have read the books twice and I am in love with them! The end of the second is awesome, I just wish it could go on. I would reccommend it to any one who likes to read, very hard to get into at first but it is so worth it.

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