The Well Trained Mind

The Well Trained Mind – Jessie Wise, Susan Wise Bauer

This book is a ‘guide to classical education at home’. This book is nicely broken up into categories for age/grade level and explains what to teach, how to teach it, and provides extensive lists of resources and books.

I have found that with every education book I read I want to do it all! I love the some of the Charlotte Mason stuff, and now I also want to draw from this approach as well. I know I can’t do it ALL though so I’m sure I’ll find as I go along I’ll draw bits and pieces from various approaches to find what works for our family.

This book has helped me stay focussed for now though and suggests that the Kindergarten year (ages 4-5) should be spent learning to read, to write (but learnt independently from reading so as to not hold up reading while waiting for fine motor skills to develop) and numeracy…understanding numbers 1-100. This seems a  simple start, although the classical approach provides a rigorous education….starting with ancient history for 6 years olds for example. We shall see.


4 thoughts on “The Well Trained Mind

  1. My husband and I found Well Trained Mind over 6 years ago. We love it. Every book I’ve read on Homeschooling since just doesn’t measure up to this one. For our family, this is the way we plan on going. I love their forums too. Awesome support and great conversations. Oh, we haven’t started homeschooling yet, so I don’t have any good examples to provide, just our ideas and hopes. Our children are only 3 and 2, so we’re trying not to jump the gun.

  2. I struggle with wanting to do it all, as well. The Well-Trained Mind was the single most important and inspiring book I’ve read on homeschooling. We won’t be following it to the letter, but probably fairly closely.

    Ancient History is currently my absolutely most favorite subject that I am learning along with my 6 yo. He loves it as well. I highly recommend Susan Wise Bauer’s The Story of the World with the activity guide. Simple, straightforward, and engaging for both the adult and the elementary student. Now *that’s* writing talent!

  3. Hi Heidi, I had noticed you references to this book on your blog.
    I will consider your book suggestion. I am getting quite excited about studying history myself, and so I’m sure if I love it, it will help to inspire even the little ones learn history.
    Are you planning to follow a 4 year plan as the book suggests? And are you using the ‘note book’ idea?

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