I’m Celebrating

Those of you who are around here from time to time will have noticed an excessive number book review posts lately due to my recent rediscovery of my love for reading. I know they’re boring unless they are about a book you are particularly interested in, but I am so proud of myself that I’m actually pulling it off…the reading challenge that is.

So apart from a lot of reading, this week has been frantically busy and I’ve hardly even had time to read blogs let alone write this one. We’ve had a house guest. She is house trained, so was no trouble really. It did mean however that R11months had to move into our room and lets just say that sleep was not high in his priorities….milking the situation to his maximum advantage was. Last night foe example he woke at 2am and fussed and cried and got cross with me for a very long time. D got fed up and went to the couch. In his defense (the baby’s that is) he has had a cold and has a fluidy ear, but after giving pamol (paracetamol) ‘just in case’ my sympathy ran out around 3:17am. I’m not sure what time he eventually settled, but Grrrrrr…….

So tonight I’m celebrating that we have our room back to ourselves. (I know, all you co-sleepers out there will feel sad for our kiddies, but I just can’t co sleep)

I’m also celebratory that I have bought a few bits and bobs for the Ugly Toilet project so you should see some beautiful ‘after’ photos soon!

Ooooh, and today my kids got their first swimming lesson ribbons. They only started 5 weeks ago and a s an encouragement to all the kids they got a ribbon today. Both E5 and B3 received the Dog Paddle ribbon! So cute, and I’m so proud of how they are going. Both have grown in confidence incredibly after just a few lessons and more regular swims…E5 loves to put her head under and swim along under water….today she was so excited because “Mummy! I screamed underwater!!!“.

AND, Mother Me emailed me to day to tell me that my gift for the Pay it Forward thingy is on it’s way! (I still have three outstanding gifts to make and send, but I think I know what they are going to be.)

And what a better way to celebrate than to participate in my first ever Ultimate Blog Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2008
Click this button to join in!
STOP THE PRESS!!! Since the Blog Party is all about meeting new people, and having fun, it’d would be great if you are here for the first time, to hear from you. Oldies are welcome too, and lurkers…….time to de-lurk and post a comment. Incentives make it all much more fun, so ………………………….all comments on this post will go into a random draw to receive a surprise gift from me! (Comments are easy peasy, just click the comment link near the title, or scroll right down to read what others have said.)

25 thoughts on “I’m Celebrating

  1. It’s very nice to meet you. I need to get back into a reading kick. I miss the books. Swimming ribbons, what a great idea! Another once in a lifetime moment. The children are filled with them aren’t they? What a great party!

  2. Nice to meet ya! I can not finish a book I start. I still need to finish a book that I promised to review last week, luckily…I only promised my readers and not the author! Look forward to reading more of your blog!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Come visit my world anytime and always say hello!

    I am a book junkie too, my book club is my favorite girls time. I have a good reads page you should check out! Those are my favs!

  4. Thanks for joining my party… so pleased to be here enjoying yours too! About to go off and read why you can’t co-sleep as I have an 8 month old and while I love the idea I don’t enjoy sharing my bed with him AND his father…. but three kids into a two bedroom house just doesn’t fit right now! LOL Also going to add you to my bloglines cause you just seem like ‘my kinda woman’.
    Party On!

  5. If you like books you’ll love the Sonlight book lists for the children. I have read the best books ever, can’t put it down books, wondered where they were when I was growing up books, and to beat it all they are for my children!!!!!!!!!

  6. Wow…thanks for all the comments guys….I’d love to get around to visit all your blogs during the week. I’ll draw a winner for the giveaway after the blog party finishes, so probably Saturday morning (NZ time ;-) )

  7. Hey, I love books too! Well, what do you know?? Already so much in common… Had twins first who DID NOT sleep with me (we were so strict… *snikker*)… now, 12 years later their 2 year old sister hardly makes it a night without climbing in bed with me for at least half of it. You know what? I just got too tired!! I’m only 37, but giminy… after 10 years without a baby, you get use to your sleep. So, didn’t intend to co-sleep… but it’s not bad some mornings… she’s a cozy little thing (when she’s not pushing me out the other side…)
    Party on!
    Tammy :):):)

  8. I’m a newbie, but enjoyed your post! I too am a selfish bed parent. No kids in my bed, not ever! My undisturbed sleep is much to valuable to me. lol. I too like to read, at the moment, I’ve been reading books prior to letting my “genius” read them. She’s just 11, but has a high school reading level, hence I need challenging books that are appropriate, so I do a lot of reading. Currently I’m invested in the Star Wars Legacy of the Force series. Not my typical choice of books, but definitely an escape from the every day! Have a great day!

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