Earth Shattering News

Well, check out what I did…

…..with my hand!!! I’m not exactly sure how it happened…..just rushing around to go out, holding grumpy baby in one hand, keys in the other, trip, whoops, door shuts, hand and keys go through door. Fortunately only this tiny scratch on me and nothing on baby.

We are insured, but it’s still a $250 excess….so bummer about that. Oh, and I discovered that it was neither safety glass nor was it toughened glass which is should have been being an external door… it will be replaced with the right glass.

Oh, and in the photo of my wound check out that lovely bracelet…the lovely Kate made it for me ages ago and I’ve been meaning to show it off. It’s The Most Perfect Pink for me and I love it! I wear it all the time (not literally but you know what I mean don’t you?) Thank you Kate….

And guess what… I finished one of the three presents for the Pay it Forward thingy. Here’s a sneak peek….but I can’t show you exactly what it is until Mother Me receives it because otherwise it would ruin her surprise. You can see it’s a touch of Kiwiana…

And what do you do when Mum is asleep and you’re hungry? You add one entire litre of So-Good with a not quite full box of ProNutro cereal. Then you eat about 5 spoonfuls and feel much better.


7 thoughts on “Earth Shattering News

  1. Oh. My. Goodness.
    That is one big bowl of cereal!

    Ack, that is super scary about your hand through the door – I am very happy for you that that was all you got to show for it!! Bummer about the excess though :(

  2. ouch, that is ouchy.
    but i do like the bracelet, lol.
    am *stunned* at the pohutukawa creating, i *still* haven’t got my Pay It Forward stuff sorted, need to do that X

  3. ditto the comments about your hand. I’m so glad you’re not hurt.

    But look at you! Taking pictures of near-disasters without shrieking! I’m afraid Sarah Bean is rubbing off on all of us… (not that this is bad, of course)

    And .. oh, I’m so anxious now to see what my surprise will be. Terrible teasing, this is!

  4. …it was scary…I was relieved R was OK…could have been disastrous, although I think it was because I was trying to save R, that my hand smashed the window…you know…fall awkwardly to protect the baby and all that.

    MM….the pics were taken MUCH later. AFTER I’d phoned D at work all girly and pathetic-ly saying ‘what do I do???’ but to my credit, I Did Not Shriek. I just stood there and though “Wow,….how’d I do that!”

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