Ten things

Ten things that are on my mind right now:

  1. What’s for dinner?
  2. Need to pick up another book from the library
  3. Call a long lost friend whom I dreamed about last night
  4. I need to wash my hair
  5. Someone has emailed me from a magazine to say that want to call me about my little business…this is stressing me because 1) don’t really like talking on the phone and 2) the business is so sadly neglected that it’s not worth talking about
  6. I’m apprehensive to be the only one taking my children to the book club on Saturday. Will they behave??
  7. Why are some of my bulbs sprouting already? Is this normal?
  8. What are we going to do for R’s 1st birthday next week?
  9. I’d quite like a day off. Yeah right.
  10. Food battles with three year old (and to a lesser extent, 5 year old)

It’s a beautiful day here in the City of Sails though and you have to know life is good when you have a list like that. I’m glad it doesn’t include these:

  1. Where does our next meal come from?
  2. Will my children grow up illiterate?
  3. Will we be able to keep warm this winter?

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