I got Mail

I can’t tell you how surprised I was today when there was a parcel in my letterbox. All the way from the US of A no less! I wasn’t completely surprised. After all, I knew it was coming. But I didn’t expect it so soon, and somehow there is something rather intangible about the internet but a real life parcel appearing in the letter box made me realise there is a real living as opposed to virtual person on the other side of the world who has read this blog, and in an internetty way become a friend.

So, Thank you Mother Me. I can’t remember how we connected in this blogsphere…can you? I remember your first comment on my blog was on a now deleted page of a picture of my ample bottom.

By the way, I love the dishcloth…it’s perfect because I don’t buy those nasty thin dishcloths and mostly use Enjo products, but needed something just like this.


3 thoughts on “I got Mail

  1. I hope you like it! I had fun making it for you. And like you, I’m surprised it got to you already. (Happily so, of course!)

    No idea how we first “met”, but I’m forever glad we did. :)

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