OOohhh I’m so happy

Look what I found!  It’s Swap Club, and is a website where you can swap books, movies, music and games. There is no exchange of money between users. You simply list books you no longer want and put a ‘price’ on them in terms of Points. If you see a book you want you request it and forfeit the number of points it is valued at. The swapper sends the book to you at their expense, but of course if they request a book from someone else, it gets shipped to them for free, so it all comes out in the wash as they say.

It’s free to join and you get a couple of credits just for joining and listing a few books to offer, so you can start receiving a book or two straight away! AND you get credits for anyone who joins because of you, so if you do like books (or CD’s, games, magazines or movies) or you have some to get rid of, go and check it out. If you join say that Embejo sent you and I’ll get extra credit to swap for more books!


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