For the Children’s Sake

For the Children’s Sake – Susan Schaeffer MacAulay

I borrowed this book from a friend earlier in the year and it’s one I wouldn’t mind having on my own shelf to look back to from time to time.

It’s basically an application of the ideas of Charlotte Mason. (This is a Wikipedia link but if you’re interested in her ideas, there are heaps of websites among the homeschooling community – google is your friend.)

I loved the ideas presented in this book, but the two that I know I will carry with me are 1) the idea of living books, and children learning from whole books and 2) lots and lots and lots of free (outdoor preferably) play. These are two things that particularly work well with home schooling and something we have plenty of time to enjoy.


3 thoughts on “For the Children’s Sake

  1. Your kids are so lucky. Whole books (besides Harry Potter novels) and unhindered outdoor play are the two things school children seem to get the LEAST of these days.

    Thanks for pointing this book out, too- I really like Mason’s writing. I’m going to try to get a copy. :)


  2. Ahem. Right now my children are inside at 3pm on a beautiful warm sunny day watching a dvd. Nevertheless, I still think lots of free outdoor play is very good for children. Ahem. Yes…I’ll send them out to play soon.

  3. for me, this book has been pivotal in discovering my home ed philosophy. love the confidence in “the way our children are” that charlotte inspires, love the way susan explains it. i’m so glad i came across it. “my” copy is one i borrowed from a dear friend about eight years ago, and it’s still on my shelf X

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