And the Baby turned 1

How did this happen so fast?

Here’s my sweet little one on his birthday.

We had some friends over for coffee and to help us eat cake. I didn’t want to do a party this time around because I usually give myself a headache with all the work. But I really did want to do something to celebrate his day. It’s a family tradition that each of our children have had a Jack-In-The-Box cake for their first birthday, and when you make cake it’s much more fun to share it with someone. So we invited three couples around with their children, so the non-party turned out quite like a party with all up 8 adults and 12 children.

We had a great day! The kids all played nicely without incident or too much mess, and adults chatted and relaxed until mid afternoon. Our good friends B & M lingered late into the afternoon after their daughter went to play with one of the other families as they left. The birthday boy had a sleep in the afternoon while we chatted.


3 thoughts on “And the Baby turned 1

  1. Thank you. You know the memories are very precious because they grow up so jolly fast. I’ve been looking at old photos of them, and I just don’t know where the time is gone and I think I want some of it back!

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