Shameless Plug

For almost three years now I have had a little business selling modern cloth nappies. I started using cloth nappies instead of disposables when B3 was a baby and straight away started making my own and ended up with my own design and I have been selling CutieBums nappies online ever since.

The cloth nappy thing is really gaining momentum here in New Zealand as people are becoming increasingly concerned about contributing massive amounts of waste to landfill in the form of disposable nappies. As well as the environmental reasons, cloth nappies work out a lot cheaper than disposables*, and are much nicer for babies to wear as well as being incredibly cute!

Good quality modern cloth nappies are not leaky, smelly or hard to clean. They are easy to use, easy to wash and it feels good to know that the little extra work you put in is all a step in the right direction.

I have come to love using cloth nappies….I don’t mind washing them and love to see them out on my clothes line. There was a very noticeable change in the amount of rubbish we put out for landfill collection each week. I don’t miss the smell of wet or soiled disposables in our wheely bin or worse in the household rubbish. I am glad to be using less single use products, (and at risk of shocking some of you I’m also talking about feminine sanitary products – ask me if you’re interested) and every time I shop, I’m glad I don’t have to buy them.

For the last 12 months or so since R1 was born (he’s in cloth too! See Below), the business has been rather neglected. One of the nice things about a small home based business of this nature is that I can regulate the number of hours I am willing to put into it and when our third baby arrived, which coincided with our decision to home educate E5, things seemed rather busy and the business got pushed to the bottom of the priority list.

Anyway, I’m very glad to say that I’m now finding I have the time to get back into the swing of things and will be spending a little more time on my little business. Heres some pics of my products. There are a range of prints and colours available and you can find more information about the products on my website. So, feel free to tell all your friends! (and/or email them this post!)




R1 when he was three days old…in a NB CutieBums fitted nappy.


And at 2 months old in a Small CutieBums Fitted Nappy.

*Disclaimer. Cloth nappies don’t work out cheaper if you end up buying gazillions of cloth nappies just because they are cute. Consider yourself warned…cloth nappies are lovely and once you’ve used them you’ll find they are addictive. Strange I know, but true.


9 thoughts on “Shameless Plug

  1. oh I didn’t know you were a nappy nerd! (and I mean that in the nicest possible way!)
    You need to make some pockets with velcro because I h

  2. oh I didn’t know you were a nappy nerd! (and I mean that in the nicest possible way!) Off to check out your site!

  3. E, remember waaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long time ago we did a swap? And I got my first cutiebums nappy. Still going strong BTW but now on next baby girl lol. Love love love your work and nice to see you around again ;)

  4. Thanks Jen.

    Picklebums…takes one to know one! ;-)

    SweetP….are you G**** on TNN? If so, then yes I remember..I’ll come visit your blog. Glad the nappy has survived…

    Transplantingme…well, that’s good!

  5. What adorable little nappies! We also use cloth, but my youngest is (crossing fingers) starting to learn the potty, so I can’t really justify buying any more. But I’ll pass the word along. Good luck!

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