The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden – Frances Hodgson Burnett

Loved loved loved loved it! I got an old second hand copy of this through the Swap Club, which I am so happy with. It is a 1956 hard cover reprint of the book originally published in 1911. There is something about old books. Not just the smell and feel of older books and their old fashioned font, but I mean books written a long time ago.

How I loved this happily ending and redemptive story! It was sweet and romantic and full of childhood. The children played and grew in a way that I would love for my own children to experience; from morning till evening under broad skies, imagining and industrious and playing up a great appetite and making bodies ready for peaceful sleep.

I’m so glad I have a copy of this one as I know it’s one I will enjoy again, and I look forward to reading it to the children too when they are a little older.


4 thoughts on “The Secret Garden

  1. my kiddos love this story too, we have it on audio tape, great for a journey, in fact R14 named our very own Secret Garden from the title, late last year… it’s an oasis, and also we spent two months keeping it a secret from Bulldog. the name has stuck X

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