Higher Higher

Don’t all kids just love to swing? Here are our three today enjoying a swing, and singing a favourite family song that Dad made up a while ago which they always sing while swinging.


“Higher! Higher! Makes me laugh!
Higher! Higher! Makes me laugh!”

You can’t tell from a photo of course, but I always want to remember that R1 is singing it too! It’s so cute…he can only manage something like “AaahYa, AaahYa”, but sings it over and over always in twos so that you can tell it’s the “Higher, Higher” bit.


PS: If anyone can tell me why my photo keeps getting chopped in half (above) even though it’s only 427 x 320 and should fit? It fits in the editor when writing my post but alas, keeps getting chopped. I’ve linked a thumbnail which you can click on to see the larger file. Grrrr….frustrating.
I’ve stopped using Flickr because I’ve reached the ‘free’ limit and if I add more, the first ones will no longer show.


2 thoughts on “Higher Higher

  1. don’t know about your photo but I had the same problem. it went away when I changed layouts.

    great swinging pics, btw! And what a lovely swinging song. :)

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