Aprony apron

Now that it’s no longer necessary to keep it a secret, here’s what I made for Mother Me for the Pay it Forward that we played.


I bought enough material for two, so one of these days I’m going to make another one. Probably for me.


7 thoughts on “Aprony apron

  1. oh i know this is not really the right place to pop this comment, but i am on bulldog’s pooter and can’t find my way back to your summery swappity swap post lol.
    i *love* this one so very much.
    did you pop anything in your pocket to post?
    mwah X

  2. Oh, you must really be missing your puter…poor you!
    Thanks! It’s a bit boring though isn’t it compared to all those other BEAUTIFUL cutesy ones on the flickr group….yours included….I had to stop looking at them cause I was starting to get a complex…(and inferiority one).

    Just popped a recipe in….for Raspberry and Peach baked cheesecake. (And a handmade matching card explaining all about Pohutukawa trees and NZ summer Christmas.)

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