Baby Pack Project

Ok, I’m at it again

Here’s something I can do, and perhaps some of you can help me. Check out this great little project someone has started in South Africa. The Baby Pack Project was started in 2005 by one lady who saw little newborn babies leaving the clinic wrapped only in newspaper. Moved with compassion she started assembling baby packs which contain a few basic items to help. Each pack contains:

  • Nappy (cloth only) and waterproof covers/pants
  • Jumper (sweater/cardigan)
  • Baby gro
  • Bib
  • Vest
  • Booties
  • Socks
  • Soap
  • Knitted toy

I am all for these type of practical helps, and love the way one woman has seen a need and just done it! This kind of thing inspires me! She’s set up a free website, which means that little old me all the way over here in NZ has heard about her little corner of the world and I just love that! And, because you’re reading this, you know about it too!

I would love to put together a package to send. I have things here that I can contribute; nappies of course, as well as other baby items that we don’t need anymore. I would love to send a really generous contribution so if you like to help me, you can forward your items to me and I’ll send it all together on your behalf. Shipping would probably work out cheaper that way rather than everyone sending smaller items. (Any contribution towards shipping would be welcome too, however I realise asking for money over the internet seems rather cheeky, but I know you’ll only do this if you’ve known me for a little while and know you can trust me hey? It would be paypal, and email me if you want to do this).

There are knitting patterns on the website if anyone would like to make a hand made gift.

I will plan to send in one months time, so will make the deadline for gifts 1st May. Email me at or comment here if you’re in!

Links welcome. (OK, I know I’m being really cheeky now…)


5 thoughts on “Baby Pack Project

  1. Heya, I will donate something. I am sure I still have some NB things and should be able to make a knitted toy or something. We are moving house over the next 2 weeks so there is a high possibility I might forget!! EMail me your address and perhaps you better email me in a coupleof weeks to remind me. lol.

  2. E, I will also try to donate something. I already gave away most of my NB stuff, but if I can knit a bit before the deadline, I will. I love me a new project!

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