Just another post

Had a bad day yesterday….not worth writing about….just blah and grumpiness and D’s been away for work, but there was a redeeming feature or two. I planned a private little girly night for myself. So, while shopping stocked up on some Tim-Tams, and Ice cream, and on the way home stopped by the DVD store to rent a movie or two.

After the kids were asleep, I had a nice hot shower and snuggled up in front of the telly with my Tim-Tams, a hot cocoa and settled in to watch Becoming Jane. It was about Jane Austen and the love affair that inspired her writing. Loved this movie…poor thing never ended up with her love though…and never married. It was nice to see where the inspiration for many of her characters came from.

I felt better, and so glad I took some time out for myself. The kids get a better Mummy today. Oh, and as an aside R1 went to bed at 5:15 pm last night! I couldn’t keep him up any longer….the jolly daylight savings change…..he had an interrupted afternoon sleep, so by 5:15 was ready for bed. I was expecting a 5am visit from him again, but he slept until 6:30am. Not too bad, but still is almost the Middle Of The Night for me.

And happiness! D is home tonight!


3 thoughts on “Just another post

  1. I’m also celebratory that I have bought a few bits and bobs for the Ugly Toilet project so you should see some beautiful ‘after’ photos soon!

    Where are these? Hmmmmm? You would be surprised how often i think about your toilet LOL

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