Left To Tell

Left to Tell – Imaculee Ilibagiza

Wow wow wow.

This is the true story of a woman’s survival of the Rwandan holocoust in 1994. I had only a basic understanding of what happened there just a few short years ago, but this book helped me learn more about it. The story is so horrific, and it’s shocking to think that it happened under our noses not so long ago.

What stood out for me though was this womans incredible story of survival. She hid in a bathroom along with several other women for 91 days while the killing was going on nearby. Not only that but the house was regularly searched by the killers and miraculously the women were never found. It is also the story of how she discovered God and with Him, hope and courage and a future in the midst of death.

This is a great book to read if you want to see what the world is like outside of our sphere, to be brought to a horrible reality of the evil capabilities of men and women, and to be inspired in a faith that sees hope even in the darkest situation.

I was reflecting on why I am often drawn to read about war etc, and one reason is that I don’t think we should walk around with our heads in the sand (especially in our safe, prosperous nation) blind to the fact that the harsh reality is that these things can happen to anyone, in any nation. But not only that, but time and time again I find that these stories of survivors bring such hope. Amazingly when it seems that there is no hope, and no good and only disaster, the survivors who live to tell their stories share insights that show that people who resist these evils may not necessarily overcome it, but in resisting die with dignity. To me that is hope, and courage and triumph.


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