Book Review – I Am David

I Am David – Anne Holm

This is a great little book aimed at younger readers. It was written for 9-13 year olds and is about a boy who escapes from a concentration camp and flees across Europe. It is well written, and while as an adult I wanted to know more about where he was and why he was imprisoned (i.e. the politics of it all) it was silent on these issues which is probably appropriate for a younger person, and not altogether necessary for the story in any case.

I enjoyed the character of David, and found myself ever hopeful that he would survive and make it to safety and freedom. The story of David’s live unfolds gradually throughout the book and he discovers along with the reader how he came to be in the camp and why he was helped to survive by the commandant whom he hated.

I remember reading this at school and enjoyed it again this second time around.


3 thoughts on “Book Review – I Am David

  1. Thanks for the visit! It impacted me as a child too….and I had distinct memories from the book from the first time I’d read it so many years ago.

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