Terribly serious things I think about

You know you have really nothing to say when your post title is like this one hey?! I just know I still enjoy blogging and haven’t written (anything other than book reviews; and they don’t count) for ages and I also know that the longer it is that I don’t write the harder it will be. Just gotta get back into the routine of twaddling out my personal waffle on the screen and making letting you all read it.

So here, have a look at some of the things that go round inside my brain on any given day at any given time. Some of it’s overly serious.

For instance: It’s the 75th Anniversary of Hitler’s rise to power this year…..and he rose to that position of nasty dictator through a democracy. I find that just a little bit unnerving. We kind of sit back in a democracy and think that all’s well and nice and fair and equitable. Here’s something he said: “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.” Doesn’t that just make you stop and think! Sure made me think and more thinking on this I will do!

Or this one: Zimbabwe. Does anyone else think about Zimbabwe? Check out this blog if you want to read what I’ve been reading about the situation there. I find it hard to believe things like this can not only happen but can go on for so long. And no, I don’t have the answer. I wish I did. And China…what’s with China? And Chinese arms going to Zimbabwe? Huh? And the Olympics? Huh?

I know, I know not very cheery, so how about this one: I think about how long it is acceptable to have washing on the line before the neighbours will notice. You know the wash that goes out and is nearly dry but you (OK, I) don’t bring in because I am procrastinating and then it rains and so there’s no point bringing it in any more and maybe the sun will come out in the morning and dry it and then I’ll bring it in. And so on. Repeat all week.

Or this one: Why am I getting so many spam comments on my Christmas post and no others?

Or this one: ( and I know I’m not alone on this one) What’s for dinner? Last night I made a beef stir fry. I didn’t really want beef stir fry, after all I’m happy with a sandwich or… or …well nothing, but I thought it best that the children eat and that I should probably make something for my husband working hard all day and all. WELL. R1 yelled his head off hungry while I was making it, so I fed him other things to keep him going until dinner was ready, by which time he wasn’t hungry. B3 ate plain rice, E5 ate about half, and as for husband, he didn’t have any. It was all served and wrapped up in the fridge for him to eat later and when he came home, he had an ice cream cone and was all satisfied because he’d had a late lunch. Why do I bother? I do not Know.

And today I ‘m thinking that tomorrow is ANZAC day. (It’s the day that marks the first major military campaign of the Australians and New Zealanders and a day when both Australians and New Zealanders remember those who have served.) And last year I remember wanting to go to a dawn service. Maybe tomorrow I will do it.


5 thoughts on “Terribly serious things I think about

  1. hello luffly girl,
    ah… washing, i am the washing queen. i really cringe if it gets left out overnight cos then where oh where will i fit the next day’s washed clothes???
    yeah, rather an*l, but hey… a girl’s gotta have a few quirks.
    but re: the neighbours: they’re probably too busy with their own piles to peep over the fence and notice yours lol

    oh, and did ya send Last Night’s Dinner to work with Hubby the next day? lol. yep, i do that
    mwah X

  2. Ok firstly while I think of it we’re in our new house and unpacked (yay!) and I looked for some baby stuff but none of it was the right size/good enough for sending. So how bout I give you some $ to donate to posting it? Yes? Email me your a/c :)

    Secondly I so do that washing thing too. All the time.

    And China. Well I find the whole situation incredibly frustrating and sad. What peeves me off even more than the whole Tibet issue is that our government (and all the rest) pussy foot around them because of free trade agreements etc etc and no one is making a stand against their human rights records/appalling environmental practices etc etc. I think it stinks.

    We;re not doing the dawn parade…we all have colds. But we bought poppies today and I will cry tomorrow when I hear the Last Post, as always. Hope you have a nice rememberance day tomorrow

  3. Go Jen! I didn’t make the dawn one….woke up and it was still dark, but too late to make it all the way there…but I’ll go to the 11am service and have a look around the memorial.

    Kate *aka washing queen* you’ll be pleased to know the washing is in and dry. And to give credit where it’s due hubby ate the left over dinner the next day late in the afternoon, so was quite happy with my dismal attempt of scrambled eggs for dinner yesterday.

    SweetP – Thank you ! I have emailed you ;-) Yes, I always remember this quote by…..um…forget “All it takes for the triumph of evil is for good me to do nothing.” and a wonder whether we have learned nothing from history. Hope you feel better soon.

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