Please pray for Zimbabwe

I have been reading This Is Zimbabwe regularly over the past few weeks. The situation there is more than tense. There are ongoing reports of violence, intimidation and torture of civilians. I do not know what the political answer is to these problems and I really hope things don’t have to get worse before things come to a head.

Sometimes I wonder what I can do to help in these situations. Just an ordinary Mum, living in suburbia. I have no friends in high places, I don’t know much about civil action, who or how to write to the authorities, and how to put pressure on people who can make a difference. There are those who continually use whatever legal means are available to them, and write letters and email campaigns to Presidents and Embassies, and the United Nations and the media. And while I think that this is commendable and essential in the struggle, somehow I don’t think Thabo Mbeki would feel compelled to action on the basis of a letter from me. But, I do also firmly believe in a God who can turn things around.

Today there has been a call to prayer for Zimbabwe. I couldn’t help but pass it on to all of you who read here in the hope that those of you who have faith can pray. Let’s pray for a quick removal of unjust leaders, a stop to the violence, and for a just democratic order to be restored.


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