Sore Head

I am tired. I was up very late last night with my boy who had a Very Bad Headache. Earlier in the day he’d fallen off a chair and fell into a small gap between said chair and the wall, banging his neck/head in the process. He’d climbed up on the chair to check the calendar to check when Ryan’s birthday was. Awww…

It was sore. He cried hard but just for a few minutes but then played ‘normally’ for the rest of the day. I say ‘normally’ because, well he was rather tired and silly, but I was confident that he didn’t have a head injury or anything really nasty.

But from 10pm until around 2am he was restless, waking crying quite often and holding his ear on the sore side. Poor little champ. I stayed with him for most of that time cause I wasn’t sure what was wrong and he usually sleeps quite well. In the end after regular doses pamol through the night, we made it to morning and he was fine.

Tonight just before bed, he came to me with a plaster on his head.

“Why have you got a plaster on your head son?’

“It’s so I don’t hurt myself.”

Awwwww…. I love him.

Excuse the bad picture….it’s completely dark in his room, and didn’t want to wake him with using the flash more than once.


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