Loving Winter

OK. I’m going to try. Although it’s still officially autumn, there is a chill in the air and I know that the real thing is just around the corner. I find NZ winters long and wet and grey and cold, but really, lets put it into perspective – we have a house and clothes and food, which is more than a lot of people in the world have, so today I thought I’d be grateful for what we have and celebrate the great things about winter.

Here are a few things that spring (he he) to mind:

  • Pearl Barley. There is something so yummy about barley and we only seem to eat it in hearty winter soups. Today I’m making a big soup from lamb shanks and piles of winter vegetables and of course extra barley…in the slow cooker, which brings me to the next one
  • Slow Cooker. I love using the slow cooker in winter. It makes the house smell yummy all day, and means all the food prep is done in the morning. It also makes very large quantities so some is left over to freeze or to eat for lunch the next day. I know I could do this in summer too, but it’s usually something I only do in winter. Oh, and it warms the house.
  • Knitting. Around this time every year, I feel a knitting bug coming on. I’m not a proficient knitter, but I like to try new things. A couple of days ago I started learning how to knit socks. I love the internet. I love how you can learn anything. Anything? Anything. Anything? Anything. (that’s a movie line he he)
  • Porridge for breakfast. I make great porridge if I do say so myself and I like the following variations: plain served with full cream milk and a little sugar, cinnamon and sugar, served with raisins (chuck in a handful while cooking), and for a treat on a gloomy cold day…sprinkled with soft brown sugar and drizzled with cream. Mmm….yum.
  • Having a hot shower after dinner and jumping into bed all warm and read until you can’t stay awake.
  • Listening to the rain on the roof. (Preferably while snuggled up and toasty in bed.) For me this is always a bit special because growing up, we had a tiled roof and you can hardly hear the rain. Here with a tin roof it’s usually REALLY LOUD!
  • Watching rain with the kids.
  • Wheat bags on cold toes.
  • Driving through rain with the wipers on full. I also love driving through big puddles and flooded gutters and making such a large splash the kids shriek. (I can’t say jumping in puddles because I’m afraid I don’t like getting wet. Whimpy I know, but there it is.)
  • Oooh ooh I know….drying my hair in front of the heater and
  • Warming the kids jim jams in the dryer after their bath so they’re warm as toast when they put them on.

What do you love about winter?


5 thoughts on “Loving Winter

  1. I love using my slow cooker too

    having the water in the shower hotter – I like hot water

    using my wheat bag in bed

    more cuddles with my man :)

  2. Winter, what is that? We don’t get that here in North Queensland, hee, hee. However, I do like the slight drop in humidity that allows me to wear t-shirts instead of tank tops all day and only having to apply deoderant 2 times throughout the day instead of 10. Ohh, but I have sooooo many memories of Winter from my growing up years….probably the same as you, given that we only lived just around the corner from each other. Here’s my list…

    1). Going to the beach, sitting in the car and watching the grey storm clouds roll in.
    2). Mum’s roasts that would heat up the kitchen and make the house smell lovely as I walked in the door from a cold day at school.
    3). We too had the tiled roof, but if the day was windy I would hear the rain come in against the window…I had to be snuggled in bed though to enjoy it fully.
    4). Sitting in front of the gas heater that Mum would turn on as soon as I jumped out of a warm bath.
    5). Hot Milo!!
    6). New flannelette bed sheets
    7). New Pyjamas
    8). My Gran’s knitted bed socks she made for us each year…sssh, don’t tell my husband! Hee, hee. :)

  3. How could I have forgotten this one…

    9). My hot water bottle that my Mum would heat up for me and her knitted hot water bottle covers. I will admit though that I still have a scar on my back to this day from the time I fell asleep on it before it had cooled off.

  4. Hey, don’t do that to me! I’m so tired of winter!!!!!!!!!!! Our spring is so late in arriving. We had snow and massive hail just weeks ago which is unreal for April.

    I forgot where you were located for a minute and felt like I was in the twighlight zone. :)

    Oh, and I love winter when it happens in the correct months rather than two months into spring.

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