Baby Pack Project Update

A big Thank You to Penny who has donated all this beautiful stuff to the babies in South Africa…there are nappies, blankets, hats, bibs, socks, singlets, and warm hand knitted cardigans and sweaters. Thank you!

ETA: Also a big Thank you! to SweetP who has kindly donated money towards the postage! Yay….thanks so much.

I will post photos of the complete donation when it’s all ready to send.


3 thoughts on “Baby Pack Project Update

  1. bless her
    wish id kept some of my little things to give
    still i gave my bigger baby clothes to my church today they are having a garage sale in a couple of weeks time

  2. oh lovely. I put some $ through for postage. Yes I did remember :) I have some nappies now too but I think theres someone collecting down here so may give them to her.

  3. Never mind Jen…I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities…(Actually *whispers* I’m working on another project….this is a Bigger one and I’m very excited. Still have to finalise a few details and then I’ll let you know.)

    SweetP…I’m so sorry I hadn’t checked the account for a few days…I’ve received your donation. Thank you very much! I’m very grateful for everyone’s support. I’m sure the Mum’s will be glad of the warm clothes and blankies for their little ones with winter fast approaching here in the Southern Hemisphere.

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