Nothing short of a miracle

I’ve been quite busy lately getting the Make a Plan project off the ground, and feeling a bit behind with things. But I finally sent a little something to Michelle R, who won the little giveaway way back in March! It’s a little brightly coloured knitted dishcloth. Now that I have one and know how nice they are to use and how cute, I thought I’d send one on. It was fun to make too. And no. I didn’t take a photo silly me. It took me so long to finish it and get it together to send I didn’t want mess around with taking a photo. After all, that would have taken about 12 seconds! As it is, it was nothing short of a miracle that it got posted within 24 hours of completing it!

Completely unrelated, my mother has a new laptop. And while this may not sound terribly interesting to you, it is in fact also nothing short of a miracle. She has soldiered on with an old and very slow computer for a while now (about 10 years) hesitating to upgrade because she didn’t think she needed to; that it wasn’t worth spending money on it because she didn’t use it that much. Anyway, now that she has this fast new laptop, and doesn’t have to wait 3 minutes for each page to load, I have insisted that she pop over here and visit me here on this little blog. (For those who don’t know, we are in different countries) So, Hi Mum!

Oh and speaking of miracles, I have learnt to knit socks. Thank you internet. That means using 4 (FOUR!!!) needles at the same time. Flippin’ irritating, but you see because I have made one, I have to do it all over again. What’s the good of one sock! Here’s a helpful link showing you how to knit a sock. I don’t have a photo of my sock yet, but maybe I’ll show you when I have a pair.

I gotta go hang washing while the sun still shines.


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