Photo dump

Finally downloaded the photos on the camera which have been there for ages. Here’s some random snapography for you.

This one is of course a test to see if my mother is reading because it should illicit some sort of response from her (or anyone?) about how cute this kid is.

These two photos demonstrate a number of things. 1) Swinging high is fun. 2) Swinging high together is even more fun. 3) Letting go with one hand and leaning heavily to the left is like playing chicken with a fat blue pole. 4) The reason we as responsible parents commented on the day of taking these photos “we really need to separate those two swings by swapping one with the rope one” and finally 4) it demonstrates how we think B3 ended up with a bleeding gash to the top of his head just a day later. He narrowly avoided stitches. (His explanation of the events: “E5 was swinging too high!” “B…were you leaning over?” “No! E5 was swinging too fast. I was going just slow”. Hmmmmm… And no, I don’t have photos. I did think of it at the time but I’d have probably gotten blood on the camera. Grizzly I know. He’s OK though…we must breed them tough.

Oh, and this carefully cropped one (because it was far too much of a close up which unfortunately still shows evidence of an emerging double chin) shows a lovely necklace that B3 made for me out of his Magnetix. Awww sweet!


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