Blueprint for Marital Happiness

Thanks Jen for this little gem. It’s a 1930’s marital rating scale. The original questions have been scanned and you can view them here.

I rated myself and my husband and he apparently is a Very Superior husband, while I am only Superior. Oh dear. That’s probably because I don’t dress for breakfast, don’t iron his clothes and put cold feet on my his to warm them, while he scored points for letting me use the car. There are some strange irregularities that I noticed though. For instance, a wife scores 10 merits points for ‘reacting with delight’ in the bedroom, while the husband scores 20 points for being an ‘ardent lover’ and ensuring wife’s satisfaction.

Hope none of you wives out there wear red nail polish, or talk during movies or wear pajamas instead of a night gown!!! Worse still if you cook in them! These are big No-No’s! But if you do, you might be able to even the score by writing regularly to his parents, or by playing a musical instrument, or shampooing his hair.

Oh, and hubbies, if there are any reading…no nose picking in public, and make sure you give ‘real movie kisses’! (To your wife.)


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